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Middle Arm Wayo Rural Fire Brigade
...for our community


Middle Arm Wayo Rural Fire Brigade.

15 Rhyanna Road
Middle Arm
NSW 2580
Station Phone when manned 4829 0302

Senior Deputy (website design)
Feel free to contact us!
Permit Officers can be contacted as below

Danny - 
Jamie - 0407 637 630

You need a permit for ANY fire during the period 1 October and 31 March every year with the exception of a cooking fire. 

You need to contact the permit officers well in advance of your planned burn as they have jobs and committments and will need to negotiate a time to meet with you at the burn site. 

Burns are voided in total fire ban days and days of high fire danger.

Once you have negotiated the permit, you will need to deliver your permit to the fire control centre. 

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